Companies of strategic interest

The intensity and sophistication of surgically precise cyber attacks targeting companies with the aim of stealing information and carrying out industrial cyber espionage is increasing every day. The high cost of these attacks in terms of finance, as well as of image, stability and services, together with the major impact that they have on the society have turned cybersecurity into one of the main challenges for governments throughout the world, and for the Spanish government. This especially applies to cyber attacks against strategic companies and organizations that are key for the national security and economy at large (defense, energy, finance, health, CIS, chemicals, transport etc.)

In order to promote public-private cooperation to harmonize initiatives and foster information exchange, the CCN-CERT provides strategic companies with an array of services useful to counter emerging cyber threats efficiently. Actually, the Spanish Government’s CERT, in compliance with the legislation in force, is the competent authority to counter cyber attacks on classified systems, systems of the Public Administration, as well as of companies from strategic sectors.

Therefore, the CCN-CERT must provide all the necessary support to protect the Spanish technological heritage in order to minimize the threat by providing information and technical support to assist companies in facing this serious risk.

All companies belonging to a strategic sector can contact the CCN-CERT and, based on a cooperation agreement, have access to the following range of services.

Ministerio de Defensa
Presidencia española. Consejo de la Unión Europea