National Intelligence Centre, CNI

The National Intelligence Centre is the public institution responsible for providing the President and the Government of Spain with information, analysis, studies and proposals that allow for the prevention and avoidance of any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain, its national interests and the stability of its institutions and the rule of law.

Its establishment in 2002 was driven by the need to create a modern and specialized Intelligence Service, capable of facing new domestic and international challenges.

The CNI is governed by the principle of accountability to the legal system, and operates within the framework of the missions set out by the Law 11/2002 of 6 May regulating the CNI and by the Organic Law 2/2002, of 6 May, regulating preliminary judicial control of the CNI.

The Secretary of State Director of the CNI is appointed by a Royal Decree at the behest of the Minister of the Presidency, and receives a five-year mandate, notwithstanding the capacity of the Council of Ministers to replace him or her at any time.

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