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microCLAUDIAmicroCLAUDIA is a CLAUDIA engine based capability that provides protection against harmful ransomware code to an organization's equipment. It does this by using a lightweight agent for Windows systems that handles vaccine deployment and execution.

The connection of the agent to the microCLAUDIA central service, located in the CCN-CERT cloud, enables the download and execution of the vaccines that the organism has configured for its computers. Once downloaded, the agent does not require connectivity to the cloud for its execution or a central service or server installed in the organism. Likewise, the service offers automatic updating of these vaccines to cover adaptations to new ways of running ransomware.

On the other hand, the CCN-CERT administers the central service in its cloud and is responsible for the generation of new vaccines, allowing the agency to access this service and, in this way, review the general state of vaccination of its equipment and even configure its application.

microCLAUDIAThe deployment of the vaccines can be done from any software distribution management tool or through Windows policies. In addition, no additional modifications to the agency's network are required.


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