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The Spanish Cybersecurity Strategy is aimed at satisfying the growing need for ensuring the security of the cyberspace, which is vital for national security, for a competitive economy, and, in general terms, for the development and prosperity of our society.

The Strategy —in accordance with the National Security Strategy 2013, which includes cybersecurity as one of the twelve action fields— limits the scope of cyberspace; sets principles, goals and lines of action to guarantee national cybersecurity; and defines the coordination framework of the cybersecurity policy.

Accordingly, line of action 1 promotes cooperation among entities responsible for cybersecurity, particularly the CCN-CERT, the Joint Cyber Defense Command of the Armed Forces (MCCD) and the Security and Industry CERT. The CERT of the Autonomous Regions, private entities and other relevant cybersecurity services shall coordinate with the entities mentioned above according to their competences, and implement the required procedures.

Spanish Cybersecurity Strategy (EECS)

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