National Cryptologic Centre, CCN

The National Cryptology Centre (CCN), is the organization responsible for coordinating the different organizations’ activities in the Public Administration, using resources or encryption procedures and ensuring the security of the information technologies in all areas, keeping informed concerning the coordinated acquisition of the cryptology material and it is also responsible for providing training for Public Administration resources who specialise in this field.

The CCN was created in 2004, by means of the Spanish Royal Decree 421/2004, assigned to CNI (National Centre of Intelligence). In fact, theSpanish Act 11/2002, of May 6, which regulates the CNI, entrusts to the said Centre, all functions regarding the security of information technologies and protection of classified information, while the responsibility of running the National Cryptology Centre is conferred to the Secretary of State Director. That is why the CCN shares environments, procedures, regulations and resources with the CNI.

Ministerio de Defensa