What is a CERT?

The term CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Team and it refers to a team of persons dedicated to the establishment and management of technological measures with a view to mitigating the risk of attacks against the community systems to which the service is rendered. It is also known by the abbreviation (Computer Security and Incident Response Team) and it offers Incident response services and security management services.

The first CERT was created in 1988 at the Carnegie Mellon University, in the United States (which is the owner of this registered trademark), and from then on, these type of Teams have been created worldwide and in different spheres of society (Administration, University, Investigation, company, etc.).

Likewise, several forums and organizations have arisen with the aim to coordinate the different CSIRTs worldwide; share information on vulnerabilities and attacks at a global level and spread technological measures which may mitigate the risk of attacks to systems and users connected to the Internet, providing an answer to their communities.

Among these organizations, the FIRST’s is one of the most outstanding forums (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), with more than 180 members worldwide; and, at an European level, the Trusted Introducer of TERENA is also an outstanding forum (Transeuropean Research and Education Networking Association). The CCN-CERT is full member of both forums.

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