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Event management and security information

Cybersecurity teams must cope with the increasing volume and sophistication of threats. Lack of network visibility, time-consuming manual scans, and lack of context negatively affect equipment efficiency. MÓNICA is an automated information and security event management system that gathers all existing information on potential threats on a single platform, allowing not only to react to attacks, but to anticipate them to remedy them before they happen. 

  • Detects and resolves threats in real time.
  • Prioritize and investigate relevant incidents.
  • Single point of control and centralized storage.
  • Spanish technology aligned with the National Cybersecurity Strategy.
  • Analyze user behavior -UEBA-.
  • Cyber Intelligence of Threats.
  • Automatically responds -SOAR-.
  • Integration with LUCIA tool for Cyber Incident Management within the scope of the National Security Scheme.

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