LORETO, cloud storage

In the current environment of digital transformation and increased collaboration between entities, the LORETO tool, developed by CCN-CERT, is particularly useful for improving productivity.

As LORETO is a Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), it enables changes in work processes to be promoted, making them more efficient when collaborating with internal and external users.

  • Workplace mobility: the digital workplace is no longer restricted to a physical location, but moves wherever the user is. This tool facilitates access to shared documentation from any location and is particularly useful for facilitating remote working.
  • Usability: it allows easy collaboration for end users who can easily create new folders, invite external parties, etc. without needing to continuously contact IT departments.
  • Increased Productivity: by making information easily available anywhere, it increases the efficiency of the organisation's collaboration processes and increases user productivity.

In terms of security, this tool makes it possible to limit access to shared folders and files to only those people with whom it is necessary to collaborate, access via secure protocols such as HTTPS, etc.

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