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The National Security Scheme (ENS) requires Public Administrations to carry out a regular assessment of the security status of the system. Pursuant to article 35 of the ENS, the Sectorial Committee of the Electronic Administration will provide the required procedures to have a regular update on the status of the main security parameters in the information systems referred to in the Royal Decree, so that it produces an overview of the security status in Public Administrations. Additionally, the ENS stresses the need for establishing a system to measure the security of the system, and establish a number of indicators to measure the actual performance of the system regarding security in the following aspects:

a) Level of implementation of the security measures.

b) Effectiveness and efficiency of the security measures.

c) Impact of security incidents.

In order to comply with this mandate, the CCN developed the project INES (National Report on Security Status) in order to provide participating bodies with assistance. The project has a new data transmission platform (access is allowed through this website), which provides Public Administrations with a faster and more intuitive knowledge of their level of adaptation to the ENS and the security status of their systems.

This platform allows the collection of organized, delegated and supervised information (since the 2020 campaign, data uploading can be carried out continuously at any time of the year). The Head of Security appears as the person in charge of the interface with INES, providing, validating and analyzing the security information of its Organization and consolidated at the Public Administration level. Each agency can access, complete or consult their data, at any time and see its evolution.

Informe del Estado de la Seguridad




Access to INES

In order to access the INES tool, you must be registered in the CCN-CERT portal.
In case of you aren't registered user, you have to complete the registration form.
If you are a registered user, you can request access by e-mail ines@ccn-cert.cni.es. INES support team will contact you as soon as you have access permissions to the application.

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