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The CCN-CERT, as the National Government CERT, partners with Spanish public bodies and companies of strategic interest to detect, report, evaluate, counter, handle and learn from information security incidents or cyber incidents that may affect their systems.

Throughout this process —which always ensures strict confidentiality between the parties—, the CCN-CERT provides technical and operational support to detect, react, contain and defeat incidents. A preventive approach is also implemented, and a team of experts investigates the techniques, trends, solutions and the most appropriate procedures to counter incidents, including methodologies to gather and analyze data and events, and procedures to assess the risk level and to determine priority.

The CCN-CERT also operates as a Cyber Incident Information Exchange Node in the Information Systems of the Public Administrations, and as the main coordinator of information exchange among the relevant entities.

As the National Government CERT, it participates in international forums attended by counterparts from a number of countries, which provides it with very valuable information to manage any incident efficiently and swiftly.

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