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ANA (Automation and Standardization of Audits) is a continuous auditing system developed by the CCN-CERT that aims to increase the capacity of surveillance and know the area of exposure. The purpose of this tool is to accelerate security management by efficiently managing vulnerability detection and notification of alerts, as well as offering recommendations for their appropiate treatment.

Among the most important features of this tool are:

  • Evolution: it uses the most up-to-date technologies
  • Fluidity: it allows multiple functions to be combined in it
  • Centralization: it enables the integration of other tools, such as LUCIA, PILAR and CLARA
  • Versatility: it favours multiplatform visualization.

What exactly does ANA do?

  • It accesses localized problems in real time, reproduces them and tracks their evolution over time.
  • It dynamically generates reports of the actual status of the entity by department, server, application or any defined asset
  • It organizes information by providing multiple views/control panel to users
  • It centralizes and standardizes all security inspections performed
  • Early warning through direct and detailed interaction of problems encountered allowing timely notification without undue delay

Furthermore, within the tasks of prevention, ANA relates all the work of the auditors, who load the vulnerabilities, to the work of the administrators. In this way, the Incident Response Team can add any type of audit of any company, keeping all the knowledge within the agency.

La operación con garantías de ANA requiere disponer de una certificación de empresa en aquellos organismos públicos en los que ANA se distribuye libre de costes de licencias, como soluciones desarrolladas por el CCN-CERT para el sector Público. Para obtener la certificación de partner de ANA, una empresa debe tener un número de profesionales certificados en cada una de las áreas de especialización en función del número de clientes.

El programa da acceso a los servicios de soporte de nivel 1 y nivel 2 son proporcionados por el fabricante (Sidertia Solutions).

Las empresas con certificación de empresa o en vías de certificación para operar ANA en el sector Público libre de costes de licencias, como soluciones desarrolladas por el CCN-CERT:

Nombre Razón social Web Estado de certificación
Sidertia Sidertia Solutions S.L. sidertia.com




ANA. Centralized solution (pdf)

ANA presentation from XII STIC Conference CCN-CERT

Continuous assessment

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