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LUCIA (Unified List for Incident and Threat Coordination) is a tool developed by the CCN-CERT for the management of cyber incidents in the entities participating in the National Security Scheme. The purpose is to improve coordination between the National Government CERT and the different collaborating bodies and organizations.

LUCIA offers a common language to assess risk level and classify incidents, and enables traceability and monitoring. The system also allows carrying out tasks automatically and can be integrated into already installed systems


Thanks to the LUCIA tool, entities will be able to manage three types of cyber incidents

  • Incidents arisen from the own Body
  • Incidents arisen from the Early Alert System of the SARA Network (SAT-SARA)
  • Incidents arisen from the Early Alert System of Internet (SAT-INET)

Documents and downloads

LUCIA system and updates | password: LUCIA


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FINGERPRINT 05BF 19A8 3D73 2273 A0E3 5D6F 6B3E DCBF 4038 36FE

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