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MSA-23-0025: phpCAS library upgraded to 1.6.0 (upstream)

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por Michael Hawkins. The phpCAS library included with Moodle has been upgraded to version 1.6.0, which includes a fix for a serious security issue.Severity/Risk:SeriousVersions affected:4.0 to 4.0.9, 3.11 to 3.11.15, 3.9 to 3.9.22 and earlier unsupported versionsVersions fixed:4.0.10, 3.11.16 and 3.9.23Reported by:Julien BoulenCVE identifier:CVE-2022-39369Changes (master): issue:MDL-78620 phpCAS

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CVE CVE-2022-39369.

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