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Drupal core - Moderately critical - Improper input validation - SA-CORE-2022-008

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Affected software Drupal


Project: Drupal coreDate: 2022-April-20Security risk: Moderately critical 12∕25 AC:Basic/A:User/CI:Some/II:Some/E:Theoretical/TD:UncommonVulnerability: Improper input validationAffected versions: >= 8.0.0 = 9.3.0 CVE IDs: CVE-2022-25273Description: Drupal cores form API has a vulnerability where certain contributed or custom modules forms may be vulnerable to improper input validation. This could allow an attacker to inject disallowed values or overwrite data. Affected forms are

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Property Value
CVE CVE-2022-25273.

Version history

Version Comments Date
1.0 Advisory issued 2022-08-22
Ministerio de Defensa