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Mission and Goals

What is the CCN-CERT?

The CCN-CERT is the capacity of Security Incident Response Information National Cryptologic Center. This service was created in late 2006 as the Spanish government CERT, and their functions are listed in Chapter VII of Royal Decree 3/2010 of 8 January, ENS regulator. The legal text states the services that the CCN-CERT and paid since its inception (partly included in the RD 421/2004 regulating CCN), and now are set out in Article 37 of this Royal Decree.

Objectives, mission and priorities of the CCN-CERT

CCN-CERT's mission is to become the National Warning Centre, to cooperate and assist Public Administration in giving a quick and efficient response to security incidents which could emerge and to actively face new threats to which they are currently exposed.

In order to contribute to this improvement of the level of security, CCN-CERT offers its services to all the those responsible for the Information Technologies in the different Public Administrations by means of four important courses of action:

  • Support and coordination for the resolution of incidents suffered by the General, Autonomic or Local Administration. The CCN-CERT, through its technical support service and coordination, acts quickly to face any attack targeted at the Public Administration's Information Systems ..
  • Research and diffusion of the best practices on information security among all the members of Public Administrations. On this matter, the aforementioned Series CCN-STIC, developed by the CCN, offer standars, instructions, guidelines and recommendations to ensure security of ICT systems in the Public Administration.
  • Training through SICT courses, is aimed at training specialised Public administration staff in the area of ICT security. These courses are available troughout the year. The main objectives, besides keeping the CCN-CERT staff up to date , is to raise awareness and improve the staff's ability to detect and manage incidents.
  • Information about vulnerabilities, alerts and advice on new threats targeted at Information Systems, compiled from different renowned and prestigious (including their own)
  • The CCN-CERT provides the necessary information and tools for the different administrations to develop their own CERTs, allowing this team to act as a catalyst and as coordinator of governmental CERTs, as specified in the AVANZA Plan.

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