IV Cyberdefence Conference: ESPDEF-CERT
"A unique cybersecurity shield for Spain"

The CCN-CERT's STIC Conference reaches its sixteenth edition at a time of special transcendence for cybersecurity in our country. We are at a juncture in which the importance of preserving the Spanish cyberspace against any type of threat has become clear. To this end, it is necessary that all the actors involved (public administration, companies, universities and citizens) make their contribution to this end. This is the only way to build a strong line of defence together.

And this is precisely the objective of the XVI STIC CCN-CERT Conference organised by the National Cryptologic Centre to articulate the largest national cybersecurity event: "A unique cybersecurity shield for Spain". This is the mission: to achieve comprehensive protection against all types of risks and threats, built under the principles of cooperation and collaboration of the actors indicated.

For this reason, the CCN will bring together for three days the best professionals from all areas of the sector who will undoubtedly contribute their knowledge in the field of information technology security. The chosen theme represents the CCN-CERT's firm commitment to consolidate effective collaboration in the field of cybersecurity, which will enable the country's prevention, defence and response capabilities to be improved.

Precisely, and as a result of the cooperation between two organisations under the Ministry of Defence, the National Cryptologic Centre (CCN) and the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), they will promote their strategic alliance in the field of cybersecurity combining the celebration of their flagship events. 

Thus, in Kinepolis Ciudad de la Imagen, from 29th November to 1st December, the XVI STIC CCN-CERT Conference and the IV Ciberdefence Conference: ESPDEF-CERT of the MCCE will be held, creating synergies between both events in the sector.

Once again this year, the conference will enable cybersecurity to be studied and analysed from different perspectives. In this edition, threats and trends in cyberspace in different areas, cybercrime, the National SOC Network, the National Security Framework, cybersecurity products and technologies, Artificial Intelligence, quantum technologies and 5G, and industrial security will play a major role. This new edition will also feature the ATENEA room, dedicated to cybersecurity challenges, and the already famous CCN-CERT LABS will once again be organised, which as a new feature this year will be held at Kinépolis during the aftermath of the STIC Conference.

Thus, between 29 November and 1 December, Madrid will once again be the nerve centre of cybersecurity, with a national and international scope. And it will be, not only because of the expected attendance (more than 3,600 people in person and more than 5,000 online), but also because of the topics addressed, and the experience and knowledge of the speakers and professionals present. All of them will offer, in a new edition of the main cybersecurity event held in our country, their invaluable contribution to shaping a unique cyber shield for Spain.


29th november to 1st december 2022

Kinépolis Ciudad de la Imagen (Madrid) Google Maps


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