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At present, the CCN-CERT offers five different online courses, based on the user's profile.

  • Public courses Courses available in the public site are freely available to all users, but are merely informative. As there is no data register, no certificate may be generated.
    • National Security Scheme
    • Risk Analysis and Management of Information System
  • Private courses A wider variety of courses is offered in the private site. To obtain a certificate of the course, please access the courses on this part of the website (registered users only).
    • INES course

    • CIS security basic course - Security in Windows

    • CIS security basic course – Security in Linux

    • Risk Analysis and Management of Information Systems

    • Course on the National Security Scheme

    • CIS Security course

  • CCN-INAP course (online phase) These courses correspond to the online phase of the courses given by the CCN in partnership with the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP). Acess is reserved to those participants selected after registering in the INAP platform.
  • Discontinued courses
    These courses are closed to new registrations, however, if any of them did previously, still can see your progress and download the certificate of completion. You should always make the new private courses to update knowledge.
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