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Elisa. Digital Observatory

A Digital Observatory is a set of capabilities for planning activities; collecting, processing and analysing information; and producing reports for decision making. It is carried out through the development and deployment of techniques, technologies and methodologies, applied by human and material resources and dedicated to the detection and monitoring of digital content.

When a Digital Observatory is dedicated to monitoring, its general functions apply particularly to the detection and tracking of anomalies in the origin, definition and/or dissemination of digital content. These are indicators of threat on a portion of reality and serve for decision making, for example in cybersecurity or cyber defense.

The Digital Observatory developed by the CCN-CERT, of the National Cryptologic Center, is ELISA. This cybersurveillance tool aims to facilitate the monitoring of open sources, as well as the profiling of media and social network entities. To this end, it has a standardized database for the exchange of information and data exploitation through mistrust indicators. Thus, the tool contributes to the improvement of cyber-surveillance capabilities, allowing to monitor and interpret events in cyberspace, and therefore to carry out a digital prospective.

Access to the tool will only be enabled for users who are registered on the CCN-CERT portal and who, on request, justify the use of this solution.


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