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MSA-23-0015: Minor SQL injection risk in external Wiki method for listing pages

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by Michael Hawkins. A limited SQL injection risk was identified in functionality used by the Wiki activity when listing pages.Severity/Risk:MinorVersions affected:4.1 to 4.1.2, 4.0 to 4.0.7, 3.11 to 3.11.13, 3.9 to 3.9.20 and earlier unsupported versionsVersions fixed:4.1.3, 4.0.8, 3.11.14 and 3.9.21Reported by:Paul HoldenCVE identifier:CVE-2023-30944Changes (master): issue:MDL-77187 Minor SQL

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CVE CVE-2023-30944.

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Versión Comentario Data
1.0 Advisory issued 2023-05-02
Ministerio de Defensa
Presidencia española. Consejo de la Unión Europea